We build your own
Online Escape Room.

Both as experts with years of experience in the stationary escape room field and as pioneers of Online Escape Room team events, we have made it our mission to develop the best possible result and most sustainable product for our customers.

We achieve this primarily through exclusive individualizations of existing Escape Room concepts and Online Escape Rooms built especially for your company and your event.


Examples for the use of your own and individual Online Escape Room


Choose the right
package for your project

Logo integration

Your company logo is integrated 5-7 times in the game. Popular for team events, team building, incentives.

Puzzle customization

Puzzles are individually designed and customized. Often used at team events, summer parties and Christmas parties.

Product Placement

Central element of the game (f.e. in Diamonds are forever: the heist) is adapted according to your wishes. Popular for conferences and product presentations.


The game is customized on several levels (including package “logo integration”, about 5x puzzle customization, product placement, story customization). Popular when our rooms are used as a recruiting or onboarding tool, for employee branding or even incentives.

In-house development

We develop a completely new game for you:

➔ Complete process from consulting to a workshop to implementation and customization.