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Game-Based Learning & Recrutainment im Unternehmen

Recrutainment for corporations

Playful learning, vivid employer brand, recrutainment: this is what HR 2.0 looks like in times of skilled labour shortages, New Work and generation Z.

Lengthy recruiting and frontal seminars are a thing of the past. Gaining employees and life-longlearning has become as essential for companies as sales. The consequence: employers are competing for every new talent. Human resources development is not “only” important for organisations but also a key aspect of retention management and hence it serves as a tool to keep valuable employees in the company long-term.

Serious gaming is a building block for the innovative and inspiring recruitment and development of personnel. Secure the attention of the best talents with the help of the Serious Gaming concepts from the market leader ePlayces through tangible university marketing or trainee marketing. Attract the smartest brains for your company and accompany them during not only the onboarding phase but also in their personal and professional development as an employee.

Serious Escape Games are based on the extremely popular Escape Rooms, which inspire millions of players in many cities and also online: “Only 60 minutes. The time is running. All participants must work together. This is the only way to fend off the hacker attack or to find the diamonds again.” Nervous tension, gripping story, team experience – that’s what Escape Games offer.

Serious Escape Games take advantage of this principle and use it for companies: A special experience for the participants, at the same time with a clear goal of the organizing company such as knowledge transfer, employee recruiting or employer branding. By using serious games, innovative companies set an example for modern HR work and show that they know and take into account the wishes of (potential) employees for experience-oriented methods.

Mitarbeiter Recruiting Prozess

From innovative employer branding campaigns related to serious escape games or game modules to concepts for talent attraction, e.g. in higher education, to innovative online training courses – serious gaming can be used in many different ways.

The following always applies: the positive perception of the games is transferred to the company. The participants immerse themselves in the brand universe of the company and intensively experience the story conceived by the game designers. Serious gaming can be used as a form of recruiting throughout the candidate or employee lifecycle, such as:

  • Employer branding e.g. with individual puzzle modules as part of a social media campaign
  • Personnel selection through Serious Escape Game as an innovative assessment center
  • Onboarding of new employees / trainees or similar with a gripping experience of the corporate culture in serious gaming
  • Playful personnel development, e.g. through topic-specific training games for salespeople, auditors, on process management and much more

Important: Serious Escape Games are always team games: they thrive on the players taking on different roles and solving tricky challenges together. Your use makes sense when several people play at the same time.

Mitarbeiter Recruiting Prozess

In contrast to classic gamification, in which only individual elements are taken from games, the players in our games are completely immersed in the created world. For example, you not only learn something theoretically in a seminar, but also experience the solution to the challenge.

The resulting experiences leave a deep impression and have a lasting impact on the goal pursued. Then:

  • Attention and emotions are essential in “LOVE 😉 for talents”.
  • The message has a more lasting effect thanks to experience-oriented communication: Stories are remembered 21x better than facts.
  • Serious Gaming shows lived New Work Culture as an online or hybrid format.
  • Due to the large number of possible participants, spread over many smaller groups, serious games scale well for companies.

A company as an employer or its products and services can be subtly woven into the story through – even minimal – individualization. The game or individual puzzle modules are designed according to the company’s wishes – be it by integrating your own logo, by selecting suitable puzzle modules or a story tailored to the company or the goal of the game. But exciting games with cool stories can also be created for team building or onboarding.

Our Use Cases with Serious
Escape Games

In-house development, corporate branding or personalisation of existing escape games – there are a wide range of possibilities to bring company specific content across in an immersive and playful way. Gain a first overview over the use of serious escape games in (the context of) employer branding, recruitment & corporate learning through our use cases. Get inspired!

Successful talent attraction and corporate learning through gamification

It is no secret that playful and experience-oriented learning works better than oldschool training methods or frontal presentation. This is why gamification – the application of individual playful elements in a off-game context – has been trending for a few years already. The use of serious escape games is the next level.

Especially challenging, fast-changing (labour) markets open up many diverse applications for serious gaming and innovative companies:

Human resource development with Serious Gaming

Actively accompanying change processes through playfully introducing new systems or processes? Further development of the skillset of your employees to secure the future of your company? Onthe-job training for your employees? Teaching new data protection regulations or occupational safety topics? Getting to know the company’s history and values during the onboarding process?

Serious gaming presents important topics in an attractive way and ensures a sustainable transfer of knowledge through experience-oriented communication.

Added value through serious games in knowledge transfer

Added value through serious games in knowledge transfer

Serious Games in Recruitment:
Innovative Recruiting & Employer Branding

The fun of the joint challenge is the main focus for the participants in serious escape games.

“Help us fend off a hacker attack with your IT knowledge! Apply now to become part of the IT task force.” This is just one example of what an employer branding campaign could start with. In this case, the company addresses IT graduates via social media or at career days at universities and recruits them via an escape game – thus attracting their attention as potential employees. Recruitainment at its best!

In recruiting, a game can be constructed in such a way that applicants not only have to solve puzzles, but also have to react intuitively, e.g. to dead ends or technical problems. Is the player more of a cold strategist or a cooperative motivator? Information about the profile of the candidates is subsequently provided by the analyses from the game and also by the possibility for recruiters or departments to observe the game in the background.

Added value in recruiting & employer branding

Added value in recruiting & employer branding

With creativity & experience to an exciting Serious Game

To implement your company’s goal for this game – from talent attraction to knowledge transfer – in the form of creative puzzle modules that are packaged in an engaging story: That is the challenge of our game designers.

As an experienced provider of escape games, we at ePlayces know that a good story is the basis for an exciting game that is god fun. That is why we are particularly proud of our own game design team.

Our consultation does not end with the selection or customisation of the actual game. Thorben Steenmanns, Head of Serious Gaming at ePlayces, knows, for example, how serious escape games can be integrated into existing onboarding concepts in a useful way, or how attractive employer branding campaigns can be created around the fun of immersive games.

"When I tackle customer projects, this thought always accompanies me: How can we manage together to let your (future) employees become the protagonists of an unforgettable adventure for your company - whether in recruiting, eLearning or as team events."

This way we can develop successful concepts for your company together!

Get inspired at one of our trial events with Thorben: Always on every 1st Tuesday of the month, online from 4pm to 5pm. Or contact Thorben directly!

Thorben Steenmanns

Thorben Steenmanns
Business Unit Manager Serious Gaming


The further procedure for your Serious Escape development


After a free 1hr discussion and exchange about your wishes and goals, your ideas can be
implemented according to your requirements.



Story and experience proposal with individual concept.


Concept/ Workshop

Conception phase with workshops.



Prototype phase with two feedback loops.



Finalisation with the help of feedback from a lookalike test group.


Added value

Use of the serious escape game with the target group.

Escape Room Online –
fun with the whole team

Tired of the standard programme at a team event? Fed up with online wine tastings as a company party? You want fun, games and excitement for the whole team? Then an online Escape Room from ePlayces is just the thing for you!


What our customers say about
Serious Escape Gaming with ePlayces

As a “first mover” in the online team event industry, we are characterised by good ideas, experience and a high standard of professionalism and quality. Behind ePlayces is a network of escape room specialists that has been enriching corporate events for years and has great expertise in the field of B2B escape room concepts.

Saje Asgari
Saje Asgari
Read More
We celebrated our Christmas party with a virtual escape room game. The organization and the moderation and support were excellent. The puzzle was challenging, but thanks to very good user guidance and helpful hints at the right time, we had a lot of fun and had the solution on time. Highly Recommended!
Thomas August
Thomas August
Read More
Very good preparation and implementation despite short-term request. Very fun team building activity. Good support during the game so that the frustration may not get too big. Gladly again at the next event...
Stefan Wimmer
Stefan Wimmer
Read More
Really funny and really cool. So far I only knew the principle of the "Escape Room", but have not played it in real life or online. It was a great experience, it was fun, and the support (Saskia) was really great. We played against each other in three groups (4-5 people each). It was worth it, gladly again.
Sandra Garay
Sandra Garay
Read More
We took part in the online escape game as a team as part of our Christmas party and had a really good time that flew by. Technically, everything worked out perfectly, the case was cleverly thought out and the evidence was well placed. The game master Niklas coordinated our 16-person team in different investigator groups very well and brought everyone back together in the end. Thank you, very clear recommendation!
Christian Teubner
Christian Teubner
Read More
The task (solving a criminal case) was really varied and challenging. With a time limit of one hour, two of the 4 teams just barely made it and two just didn't, but everyone involved found it very entertaining.
Mirco B.
Mirco B.
Read More
We participated today as part of a company event. The two game masters guided us sympathetically and confidently through the story "Diamonds Are Forever". The story was well structured and completed in the time allotted. It was fun, gladly again.

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